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Fixture libraries

The Fixture libraries can be used with all the MSD 6 products
with a valid License Code.

Base Fixtures Libraries

Below you can find the installer for the latest Base Libraries.
These contain all the release versions of the fixture profiles.
An overview of contents of the Fixture Libraries can be found on the Overview page.
(An overview of which fixtures have been added/updated in the latest release
can be found on the History page.)

Additional Fixture profiles

Any fixtures made or updated since the last release of the Base Libraries can be found
in the MSD Additional Fixtures folder.
(The fixture profiles in this folder will be added to next Base Libraries release, and at that time,
this folder will be emptied.)

Fixture not found?

If you can not find a profile for a fixture in the Base Libraries or in the Additional Fixtures folder,
then please use the MSD Fixture Request to make a request for it,
using 'Martin Showdesigner 6' checkmark.

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