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Lighthouse Holland is the developer of the ShowDesigner software package.

ShowDesigner is a unique and user-friendly lighting and set-design software package useful in developing realistic 3D lighting simulations in both entertainment and architectural fields. Useful as a high quality production or sales presentation tool, ShowDesigner allows you to create realistic set and lighting design renderings using lighting, reflection, transparency, shadow and smoke.


MSD is now MyShowDesigner

MSD is continuing under a new name: MyShowDesigner.

Your current MSD licenses will continue to work with this new version, so no changes there.

You can find the latest downloads for MyShowDesigner in the Downloads section.

If you are currently using a Martin ShowDesigner version, please read the download details regarding the installation.

Latest versions

MyShowDesigner 6 Pro™
MyShowDesigner 6 Lite™
MyShowDesigner 6 Demo™