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Lighthouse Holland is the developer of the ShowDesigner software package.

ShowDesigner is a unique and user-friendly lighting and set-design software package useful in developing realistic 3D lighting simulations in both entertainment and architectural fields. Useful as a high quality production or sales presentation tool, ShowDesigner allows you to create realistic set and lighting design renderings using lighting, reflection, transparency, shadow and smoke.


MSD 6 Introduction video

A new video introduction of MSD 6 has been added to the video tutorials in the Support section: Video Tutorials.

MSD 6 is here Upgrade Now!

Information on upgrading your existing MSD license to the new MSD 6 can be found here.

Martin ShowDesigner 6™ release!

Martin Professional and Lighthouse Holland are proud to officially launch MSD 6™.

Martin ShowDesigner 6™ is a great real-time 3D visualization and design tool. Its newly designed 3D engine shows a extreem realistic rendering, and all this in real-time using the latest Direct X technology.

MSD 6™ is available in two versions : MSD 6 Pro™ and MSD 6 Lite™.
Whilst the Pro version has every possible feature to pre-visualize lighting and video in 3D, integrate moving scenery, create video animation and paper presentation, the Lite version offers essential features to do 3D pre-visualization.
Both versions are no longer limited to only Martin controlers, but can receive the DMX values from other consoles as well through the ArtNet protocol or DMX hardware.

More detailed information regarding MSD editions can be found in the MSD product pages. Here you can also find a feature comparison between the different versions

Latest versions

MyShowDesigner 6 Pro™
MyShowDesigner 6 Lite™
MyShowDesigner 6 Demo™