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Welcome to MyShowDesigner!

MyShowDesigner is a unique and user-friendly lighting and set-design software package useful in developing realistic 3D lighting simulations in both architectural and entertainment fields. Useful as a high quality production or sales presentation tool, MyShowDesigner allows you to create realistic set and lighting design renderings using lighting, reflection, transparency, shadow and smoke.


In the architectural field, MyShowDesigner can be used to realistically demonstrate the enhancing effects of lighting on buildings, bridges, monuments or any structure.


Imagine creating realistic renderings of a building, subtly changing lighting, shadow and reflection in order to obtain the best solution based on different fixture positions, spread angles and setbacks.


Conveniently create lighting designs from your own PC or laptop. Forget time-consuming scale modules and detailed drawings. Make positional and effect alterations quickly and easily, then view them on screen.


MyShowDesigner gives you the ability to present to your customer a variety of looks, multiple realistic renderings that are appealing to view and easy to understand. MyShowDesigner calculates the luminous intensity on any surface, taking into account the color, refraction, absorption, reflectance and transparency. Ambient light can be adjusted to any level when calculating dawn, day, dusk or night environments. The renderings can be saved in BMP or JPEG format and displayed via any picture viewer.


MyShowDesigner eliminates the time consuming task of producing scale models and detailed drawings, letting you spend less time "on location."


MyShowDesigner features a very realistic 3D Visualizer module, enabling the lighting programmer to connect his console to the MyShowDesigner and start programming using virtual fixtures in the 3D Visualizer.


Rental companies can pre-program shows in realistic real time 3D visualization thereby saving time and money on the production budget.

With the MyShowDesigner you can give your customer the confidence that they have picked the best solution. And give yourself the confidence that you have presented the highest quality visualization simulation available, while at the same time saving both time and money.