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Creating a context file

To update or add a license to your Martin One-Key, we need a so called context file> (.WibuCmRaC). This file contains information about your key, and the licenses on it, which we need to create a license update (.WibuCmRaU) file. The license update file can be used by you to add or modify one or more licenses on the key. A context file can contain the licenses for multiple manufacturers, but we only need information about the licenses of Lighthouse Holland

Required software

You will need to make sure that the CodeMeter Control Center is installed on your computer. If you already use the One-Key, then the CodeMeter Control Center is probably installed, if not you can download the latest version of the software from Wibu ( the manufacturer of the Martin One-Key ) here.
From the web page you need to download and install the CodeMeter Runtime-Kit. Once you have installed the software you can connect your key and follow the next steps

Creating a Context file

  1. Open the CodeMeter Control Center, which should look something like :

  2. Now click on the 'License Update' button to start the creation of the context file. This should open a wizard that will guide you through the process and should look something like this

  3. Click on Next

  4. Select 'Create license request' and click on Next.

  5. Select 'Add license of a new producer' and click on Next.

  6. Enter 100892 as FirmCode (for Lighthouse Holland bv) and click on Next.

  7. Select a location to store the file and click on Commit.

The newly created context file you have now, can be included in e-mails to Lighthouse Holland b.v.

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