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License info

In order to be able to work with the MSD 6, you need to have a Martin One-Key(Wibu Codemeter) with a valid MSD 6 license. This Martin One-Key can be purchased from our webshop as a separate item or you can add it when you buy a license.

The Martin One-Key can contain multiple licenses : So if you already own a Martin One-Key then you can use that key for an MSD 6 as well. In this case no shipping is needed and everything can be handled via e-mails.

MSD 6 licenses are offered with active periods of one or more years. In the webshop you can choose from two basic options :

  • You can purchase MSD 6 with an active license for five years.
    With this option, you will not have to worry about yearly renewals and you get a 20% saving compared to 5 annual licenses. This is ideal for the professional user who uses MSD regularly and does not want to be bothered with anual administrative renewals.
  • or
  • You can purchase an anual license.
    This option offers payment flexibility and is ideal for users who might be running on a tighter budget.

    NB. If you prefer a license with a different time period than the above, this is always possible. Please contact sales for information.
An MSD 6 license always valid for a limited time period. When the license expires, you need to purchase a new license before you can continue working with your MSD 6 version.

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